Monday, April 23, 2012

Talent Show for the 5/12 Meet Up

Hey guys! Best Secretary ever just posting to let those of you who didn't stay late at the last meet up that there shall be a talent show on the 5/12 Meeting. Participation isn't mandatory and just for fun.


  1. I'm contemplating several potential things to do. It's tough when you don't consider yourself...talented :P

  2. I know! I'll do THIS, with my hands!

  3. Prepare yourselves...Much piano will be had this day...

  4. Filly Twilight and young Cadance playing together is the cutest thing EVAR.

  5. Gonna be fun, but no chances are held for anyone who can't play piano...

    1. >:D *clears throat*
      May 12th is going to be perfect!
      The kind of day of which I dreamed since the 14th.
      Every Brony will gather 'round,
      Say they love the synth's cool sound,
      What they don't know is that I have fooled them all!


      Your turn Eddie (you be the good one)

    2. May 12th was going to be perfect
      The kind of day that I dreamed since the 14th
      But instead of a cool prize
      I receive nothing but sighs
      The talent show will fail for me and I will fall...

    3. We're doing this whole song!

    4. I could care less about my "friends,"
      I'm only here to win this game!
      Fools, well I'll be lying when I saaaaay,
      That you've all made a great effort,
      And your performances were expert,
      The truth is I don't care for you at all!
      No I will not be your friend,
      In my world, you'll meet your end!
      And the grand prize will soon be all miiiiiiine!!!!

      ...I love being evil

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  7. I must find a cool new talent
    Find a way to win this game
    Well, I'll be lying if I say
    I don't fear that all my fans
    Will go to Jesse's piano hands
    And for me to win theirs just no way.
    Oh I do so want to win
    Through several talents I have been
    Listen hear jesse
    Your chances are now fin

  8. (after Eddie jumps the mine cart over a ravine, cut back to me setting up my keyboards at the meetup. Eddie is nowhere to be found) >:D

    Finally the moment has arriiived,
    for me to claim this awesome prize!

    1. oh the talent show will be real tough
      But I might win cause I am tough
      First prize will be...

    2. Mine, all mine! *sinister laugh*

    3. Oh dear! Oh my! Who will come and save us bronies from the evil tunes born forth from Jesse's piano? Where is Ed when you need him the most?

    4. I call to be twilight - even though I'm late!