Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Details for 4/28 Meeting

We have most of the plans finalized for the next meetup on Saturday.

First the really good news: we will have room 156 again. Happy!! Happy!! Happy!! Joy!! Joy!! Joy!!

The plans for this meetup include: watching the wedding episode, Smash Bros. tournament, Wayne's silent auction, Trivia is Magic, another Brony auction. (I suggest you bring all your bits, we got some real good items again.) We may also have a volleyball tournament planned but we need a volleyball. If you have one please let us know, otherwise, we will have to purchase one. We will also have 4:30 down and dirty. We will also give out more details on the talent show and the final meeting coming up in May.

Anyway, here are the normal rules.


If you would like you can bring refreshments to the meetup. Soda, chips, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever homemade items are fine. It is not a requirement to bring stuff if you don't want to or can't. Please no alcohol. Remember that this is on a college campus that is allowing us to use their facilities for free. We must be good stewards and not trash the place.


If you want to bring your pony related stuff and improve the radicalness of the meetup, I am all for it. It can be your art, toys, or handmade items. Just remember that you are responsible for it. Try to avoid bringing in anything gore or clop please.


Even though we listed the place and time of the meetup, here they are again. The meetup will take place from noon unitl 4pm in room 156 of Hartzell Technology Hall. The building is across the street from the main campus in Gates Center. The address is 3835 Green Pond Road Northampton, PA 18020. Here are the GPS coordinates: +40.676630, -75.324609

Here is a picture of the building.


  1. Glad to have the old room back. I'm really looking forward to what is in store for both auctions. I can't wait to lose in trivia again. I WILL do...decently in the Smash Bros. Tourney though.

  2. Wait we have the old room back - Dangit, I'm really gonna miss that box of acid.
    Anyway i've been watching the wedding since it aired - Can someone reply to me that there will be Wedding Questions?


  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRiXvLmbvCI

    Chrysalis - me
    Canterlot - this meetup
    Shock Wave - my geo class

    Well, that pretty much sums up my weekend...


  5. Oh sweet we have the old room back! Also don't forget the possibility of a nerf gun fight, or kick ball. I'm pretty sure I have a old gym ball in my garage somewhere.

  6. Looking forward to another day of fun with my brony friends.

  7. got my fluttershy and vinyl wii remotes, got my auction money, ready for tomorrow :D

  8. I have a few treats in store for you guys as well. You would not believe the amount of stuff I had to sort through to find some of these old gems.

  9. I'll also bring my Wii Remote Plus and Classic Controller. Unfortunately, I didn't put in the practice I wanted, so I'm prepared to lose (that is, if I can make it in time). This time, I actually have cash to bring, so no more envy rages from me.

    I'll also be bringing in a little something special, but for those who already now about it, SSSHHH! I want it to be a surprise for those who don't.

  10. Just discovered this blog/group/thing after taking a 1 am tip to Walmart on Mill Creek for blind bag ponies to find an empty box and thinking "...There's bronies in the Lehigh Valley?"

    Too bad I don't have my own form of transport so I won't be able to make it to the meetup today. :<

    1. There are plenty of blind bags at the Toys R Us in Whitehall. Went last night and there were two partial boxes, but can someone please leave me the only one I missing!?

    2. The problem is that Toys R Us fails at pricing and everything they have is usually at least 3$ more than Walmart prices. :(

      Going back to Walmart tonight to try again. What one are you looking for anyway?