Wednesday, April 18, 2012

About Smash Bros. Next Meetup

So just a reminder, or notification if you didn't hear about it, we got the idea for next meetup (thanks to Carlos) to bring in a Wii and some Smash Bros. as a way to pass some time (just for fun, no prize tournament) since it's pretty easy to learn for anyone who's never played. I have the Wii and the game (all characters are unlocked), but I only have three controllers: two gamecube and a wiimote+classic controller. So if at least one person could bring in another controller for everyone to use, that'd be fantastic and we could get four people playing at a time. If you bring a controller, could please make some sort of way of identifying it as yours (tape with initials or something) so we don't get any confusion. Just figured I'd let people know in advance so preparations can be made. Cheers, and have fun watching the season finale.


  1. It is so on! I need to start practicing :D I haven't turned on my Wii in months so this is as good an excuse as any.

  2. IT. IS. ON! I'll gladly bring another remote. I havent played brawl in YEARS, but i'll still guarentee your demises :D

  3. I've put in a couple hours just to see how my skills held up. MAN, I really suck compared to how I used to fight. I might be in trouble. I'll keep at it though.