Monday, April 16, 2012

A new Secretary appears!

Just thought I should make a post to make this official and to let those who weren't at the latest meet-up know that we have a new Secretary! That's right we have a brand sparkly new Secretary. For those of you who don't know my name is Ian Beitler. (If that doesn't help I'm the guy with the Nerf Gun and Berry Punch Plushie.) My duties are the same as the last Secretary. Keeping records of the group's meet ups. Posting the post meeting round up. Helping with general activities. So yeah, here's to a long time as Secretary!


  1. MUTINY!!!

    Glad to have a secretary who is actually going to be showing up and participating. BTW, we SOOOO need to have that nerf gun fight :D

    1. I am best Secretary.

      I'm thinking of picking up one more gun and just a boat load of ammo. 100 darts, 100 disks, and 100 of the plunger kinds or something.

  2. Nerf Guns.
    Nerf Guns Every where.