Saturday, August 18, 2012

Final Summer Meetup!


'Alright! So I just got back from the park and I reserved 4 tables for us at a pavilion for the 25th. It's the last weekend before school starts so I was thinking of a huge shebang like we had for Sam's going away party. 

There is a grill, huge hills, bathrooms, a pool, concession stand, tennis and basketball court, baseball diamond and all sorts of stuff so we aren't going to be tethered to the pavilion like the park. We could have water balloon fights, football games and all other sorts of crap. 

We have the 4 tables at the pavilion from sun up to sun down on the 25th. We can either meet up at the school or at the park. But the date is set and the tables have been paid for.'

I believe there are plans to meet at the school and drive up from there? Idk, I'm busy and can't make it. All questions can be posted below, and Ian shall gladly answer them when he has a spare moment~

See you guys soon,