Saturday, March 24, 2012

So, at my job, we have a Kennel Staff meeting on the 31st, at 1 pm.

That's the date and time during our (hopefully) next Brony Meeting..

I'm gonna do my best to get out of it -_- They're already making me miss a class to get re-trained...If I don't do that, I go back to being paid minimum wage.


This is pretty much a post for myself and officers...So I don't forget and have some organization for things..

Things to Discuss:

  • Rules
  • Food list
  • New members (if any)

Things We're Doing:

  • Luna Games 1-4
  • Watch Pony episode
  • Watch new episode (near the end of Season 2!!)
  • "Secret" Game
  • Auction
  • Eating
  • Outdoor game(?)


  1. I really hope we can go outside again. That was a lot of fun! I suppose it partially depends on if the weather holds up.

  2. Okay this all sounds amazing, but i was wondering if at the next meetup(Not the 31 we could do a game like The Weakest Link but with pony questions. It would be an overall fun activity and could be a great change from the Trivia while still maintaining the concept if pony logic. Pony prizes for winner :D

  3. Hiya, quick question. Does anyone sew? I got a Rainbow Dash plush with a small tear going on the neck. I was wondering if anyone could be insanely awesome and patch that up real quick at the meetup. I'd gladly give you a couple bucks

  4. I'm a ok hand with a needle and thread Brony. It won't be the prettiest seam but it will hold up for a long time.

    Also nerf gun fight, nerf gun fight nerf gun fight.

    Please please please please. -Rarity face-

    1. IMYGODNERFGUNFIGHT!!! This needs to happen :D