Tuesday, March 20, 2012


1. Be respectful of your fellow Bronies. This includes officers, when they speak, be curteous and be silent. There's plenty of fun to be had after announcements.

2. Nopony except for officers (unless you are INVITED) are allowed behind the "front desk". This is to prevent cluttering during games and other events.

3. You MUST be quiet while watching the newest, or ANY episode of MLP.

4. Please keep the room clean! Throw out your trash! This also extends to volunteering to take leftovers home~

5. If you are going to be bringing food to club, PLEASE tell the President! She will be keeping a list so appropriate utensils and such shall be brought in. There will be a list made.

6. Voting on an episode to watch shall be done in an orderly fashion. No shouting or being rude.

7. Love and tolerate

While we ARE a club about Love and Tolerance, there is a limit to our tolerance. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the following:

1st Offence: Verbal Warning
2nd Offence: Suspension from Club
3rd Offence: You will be asked to leave the club permanently.


  1. DUN DUN DUUUUN ... sorry had too

  2. There was no talking...There was no smiling...There were only rocks :(

  3. This may sound overly dramatic but I imagine this is all necessary for the formation of the club (specifically the NCC rules). Keep the rules in mind I suppose. Considering how we have been acting already, it seems like not much is really changing except for minor restrictions on our wildness :p

  4. Oh god I will break all of these rules at the next meeting. D=
    Also that image of Twilight dosen't really inspire much in the way of hope XD

    but yeah Onizuka seems to be correct in this. Just basic common sense kind of rules.

  5. Hm.So basically,BronyClips isn't aloud to come :p

  6. We need another post made. This makes our meetup page look depressing

  7. I think this picture would have been more appropriate