Sunday, March 25, 2012

I have a small request.

I have a favor to ask anybrony out there.

Do any of you have an extra Twilight Sparkle Mickey D's toy that I could trade or buy? I feel weird asking for specific ponies and because of that I have more Cheerilees than I can count (even though I find fellow educator smexy). Our next meeting is on Saturday and we can make the transaction then. Thanks.


  1. Just wondering, is Cheerilee the only one you have multiples of, or just the one you're willing to trade?

  2. I have an extra RD to give out as well.

    1. Okay, I was curious. If you want I do have a Twilight if you want to trade a Cheerilee. It's been opened, not sure if that matters to you or not. Let me know, because if you're going to anime club tomorrow, I can bring it then (btw, it's Will)

  3. Thank you for the Twilight Will. I can die happy now.