Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/17 Meetup Recap

The first March meeting was a success, despite the technical difficulties.

We were a little out of our element being in a new room with some scary looking equipment surrounding us, but we managed. I think we learned a little something about trying to livestream new episodes, we might not try to watch the new episode until it is uploaded on youtube.

We played another round of  Trivia is Magic. This time Dead Horse came out victorious, congratulations to them on a job well done. Afterwards, we played tennis toss for blindbag ponies. The top player (sorry I can't remember your name) nailed the sickest trick shot to win the game.

 The Champ!!

Later we had an auction. We raised $82 for the group. Some of the items we had up for bids included story books, shine bright ponies, and a show accurate Pinkie Pie made by Wayne.

Overall, this meeting was excellent. I would like to thank everypony who came out and everybody who brought food. (Ian brought the cake.) We will see everypony again on Saturday the 31st.

One note: I found a notebook with with Rainbow Dash cutie marks in it. I will bring it to the next meeting, hopefully somepony will claim it then. 


  1. I had a great time! Despite the minor issues this may have been my favorite meeting so far. I can't wait to see everypony again in a couple weeks.

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I wanted to stay but I wasn't feeling so well. I'm sure the next meeting will make up for it. I hope whoever won Pinkie Pie loves her as much as I love mine.

  3. These meetups keep getting better and better. Going outside for the competition and auction was a fantastic idea. We're becoming one big happy family here. I may just have to host a cookout in the not too distant future. :D

  4. Had a great time! The best meeting ever, it was so crazy. And since the Brony Clips guys were so interested, this is the guy who made my Doctor Whooves plush. ( See everypony in two weeks.

  5. Omg Wow (This is Bronyclips btw the one in red)
    I was on ebay and saw the plushie that person was selling and all I could think of was WHY DOES THAT LOOK SO FAMILIAR
    So yea - Thank you, I might look into buying the plushie with the hat :3

  6. No mention of water baby Twilight? I think she deserves a special mention.

  7. I'll be our group's unofficial Photographer from now on. I'll post up everything on my facebook page (Jesse Kendra). Add me on there so you can see everything not posted in the recap. Also, it'll help us all learn eachother's names. :)

  8. Water baby Twilight has my heart.

    So does sexy Cheerilee.

    And Sweetie Bell.