Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey everybrony, your President here!

As we know, the meetup has been decreed for this Saturday, the 17th.
This day just so happens to be St. Patty's Day, so I'll try and bring some...festive foods in. If I don't forget xD

Anyways, I had a question for you guys. I know I already asked about this, but would anybrony object to us meeting from 10-2 on Saturday? I derped and forgot that I had a wedding to attend, and you know, as President, I'd like to actually stay for an ENTIRE meetup...*le sigh*

If not, 12-4 works fine, since I trust Steve not to blow anything up, I'll just have to leave early (again) and I'll have to show up looking fancier than usual~

See you Saturday, anypony!


PS- We do have people that need rides to the meetup! Please, if you're available to drive, or need a ride, post in the comments! I live Pen Argyl, but if you're in Bangor, Stroudsburg, E-Burg, Easton, or Allentown, with a little gas money, I'd be willing to take someone if needed :D


  1. I'm really looking forward to it. I don't mind what time of day the meetup is. Should be a fun time :D

  2. Either time is fine for me. As for giving people rides if anyone in the northern-ish Berks area needs one let me know.

  3. Any time is fine here, though perhaps an in between time like 11-3 would work best, since we have an hour long car ride to and from NCC and most of the people I bring start work at 5. Also, as far as rides go, we are heading from the middle of Scuylkill county and can give two people rides if anyone wants to tag along. Anyways, no matter the time, can't wait for Saturday.