Monday, March 26, 2012

3/31 Meeting Confirmed

The plans for the next meeting are ready.

We will be be meeting this Saturday from noon until 4 pm. It will be held in Hartzell Hall Room 159. Its not the best room but it works for us. We have a new competition that will be held for pony prizes, weather permitting. In case you can't tell here is another hint.

Now that I have your attention make sure you are prepared for the meeting. Here are all of the other usual details.

If you would like you can bring refreshments to the meetup. Soda, chips, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever homemade items are fine. It is not a requirement to bring stuff if you don't want to or can't. Please no alcohol. Remember that this is on a college campus that is allowing us to use their facilities for free. We must be good stewards and not trash the place.


If you want to bring your pony related stuff and improve the radicalness of the meetup, I am all for it. It can be your art, toys, or handmade items. Just remember that you are responsible for it. Try to avoid bringing in anything gore or clop please.


Even though we listed the place and time of the meetup, here they are again. The meetup will take place from noon unitl 4pm in room 159 of Hartzell Technology Hall. The building is across the street from the main campus in Gates Center. The address is 3835 Green Pond Road Northampton, PA 18020. Here are the GPS coordinates: +40.676630, -75.324609

Here is a picture of the building.


  1. So pumped for pony-style Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam.

  2. We're throwing Twilight's severed head into a basketball hoop?


    I'm going to grab some kind of snack for the meeting. Also, like last time if there's anypony in the northern-ish Berks county who needs a ride. Let me know.

  3. This will be the first meetup I have to miss. :( Someone take pictures so I can see what sort of crazy competition you have cooked up. Have fun! I'll see you all at the next one.

  4. ^You really will be missed! I am looking forward to the game. Derpy looks like she has a mean jumpshot (unblockable Dirk) Looking forward to the meetup.

  5. *looks at picture of dude slam ducking twilights head into basketball hoop*
    Oh god - I'm bad at tennis!

  6. Oh boy, Cant wait! Btw, i know i've asked this before but if anypony is good at sewing or even remotely decent, I would LOVE it if they could bring some blue thread and needle to the meetup. my Rainbow Dash has a small cut that needs a quick stitch. I would gladly pay for the repairs :D

  7. NOooooooo

    I get out of work at 4!

    god hates me

  8. If anybody has a spare Lilly Blossom or Rarity that they are willing to trade, please bring them to the meetup. I will be trading Rainbow Dash, Applejack or Cherilee.

    1. Correction: I need a Fluttershy not a Rarity for any of you who are willing to trade.

    2. I have a Lily. You're welcome to have it, I have a full set already.