Monday, February 6, 2012

Skateaway Hangout this Friday.

The Northampton Anime Club is having a skate night over at Bethlehem Skateaway. They have extended a hand of friendship to us ponies.
You don't need to bring anything special. Just bring your body and skate your heart out. I hope to see some of you ponies out there.

Here are the important details:

When: Friday February 10th at 7pm.
Where: Bethlehem Skateaway.
Cost: $6 at the door. $2 skate rental
Address: Bethlehem Skateaway
               4500 Easton Avenue
               Bethlehem PA 18020

If you need more info on the skate rink go here


  1. Oh, gosh. I haven't been on skates of any kind in years. I'm ready to humiliate myself. :p

  2. It has been a really long time for me. I may come. Not too sure.

  3. Have fun every pony! I wish I could attend. Ugh, these weeks feel like forever. Hurry up next meetup and GET HERE!

  4. My parents are going to be in Delaware that day, so I have no ride to get there. My house is only 2 miles from the rink though. Maybe I can work something out. A ride for an admission fee is a fair trade, right?

  5. Hey Wayne where exactly do you live? Shoot me your address at and I'll see what I can do.

  6. Unfortunately, a last-minute problem came up and I will not be able to attend. Bummer. Maybe next time, then.

  7. D: It's too bad I can't go...Sounds silly, but I'm still being grounded ;-;