Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello, everpony!

Um, hi, everypony! I wanted to introduce myself!

My name is Alex Dudley, and I am your Secretary for the club.

First off, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be your officer, I promise to do my best for you all! As a Secretary, I wanted to make my position clear, my job as Secretary requires me to keep record of how long our meetings are, how long it takes to get through them, etc. I'm also the keeper of club documents, and I also hold the list of current and past members of the club. I am beyond honored to have this position, and as I said, I want to do my best for you guys <3

Now, I suppose I should put something here about myself...


My name is Alex, I'm 18 and my major is....Well....Just general studies for now ^^; You can find me hiding in the "Nerd Corner" on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (for Anime Club), and Thursdays. I'm not a very GOOD pony artist, but you can occasionally find me doodling small ponies all over the place. If you need to come and talk to me for something, I have fiery red hair with a blonde streak in it so it shouldn't be hard to find me! I'm very approachable, so if you need help with anything, or you have something you'd like to discuss, please come to me! I will gladly talk with you, and if anyone has any suggestions for anything, please, also let me know!

I guess I'm not really talking about myself...So I guess I'll just throw in a couple of likes/dislikes


-MLP (obviously)
- Vocaloid/UTAU
- Video Games (Mostly Pokemon/Sonic the Hedgehog)
- Love and Tolerance


- Dealing with children
- Children
- Childish people
- Hipsters. >:[

...Okay, I'm kidding on that last one :p

So, ways to contact me...Obviously, I'm on Facebook, and my email, SPECIFICALLY FOR THE CLUB, is, so if you need me for anything, please email me there!

I can't wait to see you all again on the 25th! Let's have a great time, bronies~

Let's all be friends!



  1. Great Celestia, I've no idea how to work this site. Sorry the front page was taken up by my TL;DR post ^^;

  2. Only one week left! So I take it we're an official club now?

    1. No, not yet. We still need to go through Student Senate, etc. I'm hoping Steve and I can get everything we need to get done by then so we can quickly move to become official.

      I guess I should've said, "future secretary" ^-^;