Sunday, February 19, 2012

Details for the February 25th Meetup

This is just the checklist of items for the meetup on Saturday. We have a few things planned and I want to let everypony know what is cool to bring and what isn't.


If you would like you can bring refreshments to the meetup. Soda, chips, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever homemade items are fine. It is not a requirement to bring stuff if you don't want to or can't. Please no alcohol. Remember that this is on a college campus that is allowing us to use their facilities for free. We must be good stewards and not trash the place.


If you want to bring your pony related stuff and improve the radicalness of the meetup, I am all for it. It can be your art, toys, or handmade items. Just remember that you are responsible for it. Try to avoid bringing in anything gore or clop please.


We have an agenda for the meetup. There are a few items of business that the group needs to take care of before we get too deep into the festivities. Just bear with us and we can get through those items quickly. We have Trivia is Magic, complete with pony prizes, planned again. We also have pin the tail on the pony planned (prizes for closest tails). We will also have an icebreaker game planned. Oh yeah, we will watch the latest episode. Also, if some of you want, we can plan to do stuff after the meetup, but that can be discussed later.


Even though we listed the place and time of the meetup, here they are again. The meetup will take place from noon unitl 4pm in room 156 of Hartzell Technology Hall. The building is across the street from the main campus in Gates Center.  The address is 3835 Green Pond Road Northampton, PA 18020. Here are the GPS coordinates: +40.676630, -75.324609 

                                                        Here is a picture of the building. 

I look forward to seeing everypony there on Saturday.


  1. Sounds awesome...except there will be no new episode that weekend. :(

  2. I'm looking forward to it all! Since there is no new episode we could always watch this most recent one (a friend in deed). We could also have a vote maybe. I might not mind if we could do some kind of singing for some of the songs from the series. Either karaoke or just as a group. Anyways, see you all there :D

  3. Our first time going there.... we went the wrong way and a cop stopped us.
    He thought we were some secret cult they way he made bronys sound