Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bethlehem Skateaway Recap

If I have my count right, had 5 Bronies show up at the roller rink.
To say the very least, it was a very interesting night. Anime and Brony combined, I would say we had around 10 or so show up. There really wasn't a whole lot of rollerskating going on the entire night. Some people didn't want to embarrass themselves out on the rink, so that is why I have no pictures of skating and only pictures of billiards.

As for me, I must have been labeled the trouble maker. Before I could even get past the ticket booth I was told that my skates were not welcomed there by the owner. Apparently, Xsjados (they are street skates) destroy everything they touch in his rink. So I got stuck with some shoddy rental skates. It was no big deal. So, I start rolling around the rink and one of the attendants pulls me over and tells me that MP3 players are forbidden on the rink floor. Now I feel totally naked out on the rink, because I have to listen to the house DJ and not Alex S, Living Tombstone, or Silva Hound. So, I made the best that I could out of the situation.

Some of the others decided to play at the arcade or play air hockey. We then played a little round robin billiards. I ended up playing one of the Anime club's officers named Frost. Apparently, nopony suspects that a Professor has hustling skills and I beat him quite easily. For my efforts, a couple of the Bronys chipped in and gave me this sticker from the vending machine as a trophy. Thanks guys.

It would be truly angelic if it were Fluttershy.

After that, we all said our goodbyes and set out into the night. Despite getting yelled at by management twice, I still had a very good time.

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  1. I didn't skate at all. Nothing but arcade games and pool. Still had a lot of fun :)