Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bronies! I have a question!

Next Tuesday, Steve and I are (hopefully) going up against Student Senate! Wish us luck!

But aside from that, I have a question. As President, it's required that I attend all of the meetings.

With that, and work occasionally screwing me over, I was wondering if anypony would be interested/okay with having our meetups at a different time. My work schedule is either 7-3:30, or 3-11:30. I don't NORMALLY work on Saturdays, but unfortunately, my grandmother is one of my supervisors, and I'm ALWAYS the first person who gets called in if someone calls out.


That said, would anyone object to having the meeting at a different time on Saturday? Like, maybe 10-2, or 4-7? If not, it's okay, and I trust Steve, Will, and Dan (if you ever meet him) to run club fine if I have to leave early...So uh..Just lemme know in the comments :p

-Alex <3


  1. It doesn't really matter to me.

  2. I usually have nothing Saturdays, so any time is fine.

  3. I am usually free all day on Saturdays so any changes would be fine with me. I would be a little worried about conflicts for some people if the meeting were later so maybe earlier would be the safer option. I don't know what people's schedules are like though. Anyways, those are my two cents.

  4. Anytime works. I agree with the earlier time being the safer option though. It would also allow us to watch the new episodes live midway through the meetup.