Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Next Meet Up Date

Ok guys. I'm setting a (unofficial) meet up date for either the 9th or 10th   16th - 17th of June. That way people can get everything taken care of in order to participate. Read on to see the plans.

Alright after much deliberation and thought I'm thinking that we should go to Laser Tag instead of Dorney Park for a multitude of reasons. Which I shall list below!

1. It's cheaper and more accessable to bronies without a job.
2. It's easier to keep track of all the bronies in attendance.
3. It's closer to our main meet up position.
4. It's also very very very fun.

Now for those of you who don't know there are two places in the valley within respectable driving distance from the school. (Which I would like to gather in front of instead of just driving there)

Lehigh Valley Laser Tag
Planet Trog

Now the one thing I'm having trouble with is this. Which place to go to? Each place has it's pros and cons.


1. It's closer
2. The cost per session is 17 dollars per person and you get three games which equals out to 5.66 dollars a game.
3. It's multilevel
4. More space for us to spread out and not be crammed into a tiny area.

Planet Trog
1. Planet Trog is a larger arena.
2. Each game is 7 bucks.
3. Planet Trog has a smaller waiting area however.
4. It's also about 20 miles further away from the school.

Right now I'm also thinking having a 'party' set up isn't the best idea. We don't really need a cake, but I will call ahead once I get a decent number of how many people they can expect to show up. So yeah. Post in the comment section what you think is the best place to go.

Ok after some calling I've decided on crossing off Planet Trog from our list. The LVLT guy said that if we can get at least 20 people together for our group the price would be 15 dollars. But we can go in for 20 dollars if we want some pizza and soda put in.

Now I need numbers ASAP so I can make the reservation. The sooner the better.


  1. I like the idea but I can't go June 9th or 10th. That is when the NCC Anime club is going to AnimeNEXT. I know there are at least a couple others who would also have trouble with this date. Still, there may be enough for this to work anyways.

    1. Ah well now that is a very important piece of info. I know 25%- 35% of our group is also in the anime club. Would the 2nd -3rd work better or the 16th - 17th?

    2. Either is fine for me. I can't speak for anybody else.

  2. LVLT seems the better option to me, as for dates I can't make the 2nd or 3rd, 16th - 17th works for me.

  3. Sounds Good - when you say Unofficial, what do you mean by that

    1. Well I'm a bit hesitant to make anything official until I get approval from Mr.Pres and the Treasurer. Plus I also want to make sure that the date works with people as well.

  4. Maybe I've just not been to enough laser tag games, but don't the games only last a max of 20-30 minutes. What are we doing afterwards? I heard mentioned that it was like 3 minutes from the park, so maybe some bronies wanna chill there. I dunno. Just a thought......

    1. Well this would be a bit later in the night and there is an area outside of the arena where we can chill for a bit. After that I could maybe reserve a room to the school or the park or something similar.

  5. AGGGGHHH!!!!
    Dang, I have to go somewhere for a family gathering that week DX

    Ughhhh.....I'm sorry everypony D':

    I will be at BroNYcon, though, so you awesome bronies who are going there please meet me. I will be flipping Egophiliac's table on Sunday, and I can assure you you do NOT want to miss that XD