Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4/28 Meet Up Round Up

Like I said before Dr.Whooves gets all the ladies.

Well it's after 4/28 so you know what that means! It's time for another of Ian's Wonderous Wrap Ups! © 

We started off this meeting with the season finale of Season 2. A Canterlot Wedding. The winners of the "Guess the Finale" contest were picked out and sadly I wasn't able to get their names. Still congratulations to all of the winners and enjoy the extra pony swag you have won. After the season finale we went outside and enjoyed one of the many benefits of spring. Nice warm temperate weather. Unlike our last foray outside which ended up with all of us freezing to death we were able to spend our time outside frolicking amongst the sand and grass playing two games of volleyball and another game of kickball.  The winners for Volleyball are as follows.

Winners for Volleyball

Winner: That Other Team
Runner Up: Team Black Lung

The last Trivia is Magic happened as well and the placements are as follows.

Winners for Trivia is Magic

Winner: Team Changlings
2nd : Team One
3rd: Dead Horse
4th: Bronyhood
After that we went outside to hold two auctions! One for the club, and another for Wayne and his superb customizations. The club it self sold 16 items and was able to raise over two hundred dollars for the club. 


~~~~~~~~Down and Dirty~~~~~~~~

Oh man once again the lid was blown off of the club after 4:30. We held a Super Smash Brothers competition which Carlos won. Betty White made a surprise appearance, and we were told to keep it down because the president was trying to enjoy a meal without being harassed by a bunch of bronies.

I can't wait for the next meet up, but it's going to be bittersweet since we will be losing a fellow Brony to the lands of South Dakota. See you guys then!


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    1. I didn't get the one we took yet. I'll add it in once I do.

  2. Okay...this Dr.Whooves sh*t is just getting weird now. XD