Wednesday, May 30, 2012

6/16 Laser Tag Meet Up

Entire team is babies!

Read on to see our plans for the 16th

Here are the details for our first summer meet up! We are going to start to gather up at Hartzel Technology Hall at 12 PM to give everyone time to get there. Please show up before 1:30 since that is when we are leaving the parking lot. If you are unable to get to the school but still want to join us we have a reservation at Lehigh Valley Laser Tag for 2:30 PM. We shall be car pooling to the Laser Tag place much in the same way when we car pooled to the park last meet up.

The game will run us 15 (if we have 20 or more people) or 17 (if we have less) so I would bring $25 - $30 dollars to pay for the game and any assorted snacks or beverages you might want when we get there.

Directions from Northampton Community College to LVLT = Google Map Directions from the school to the Laser Tag place.

After we are finished we might head back to the park from our last meet up, I will also try and reserve the normal room for a few hours after we are done. Keep an eye out for edits.


 The address is 3835 Green Pond Road Northampton, PA 18020. Here are the GPS coordinates: +40.676630, -75.324609

Here is a picture of the building.


  1. YAY..........except I can't go that weekend D:

    Sorry, everypony. I have a funeral that weekend, but I would go in a heartbeat otherwise :/

    I will be at BroNYcon, though. So anypony that is going, I'd love to meet up there wit ya :D


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  3. Hopefully, I'll be able to make time for this upcoming meetup. I'm looking forward to it! =)