Monday, May 7, 2012

Club T-Shirts?

Hey guys! Less then 5 days until the meet up. Anyway I know this is a bit sudden but I was thinking maybe we can get T-shirts made up for the club? I know a few places around the valley that can print up some shirts for us. The only question is what would be on the shirts? Maybe ponified versions of the officers? Maybe a custom shirt for everyone with LVBG on the back? Post your ideas in the comment section!


  1. Sounds great but malls and stores tend to have the picture just be a square on a shirt. If you want a good one, make them on there a lot better. As for what to put on them, maybe Luna and celestia circling "lvpa bronies"? Just a thought

  2. I have no idea what should be on the shirt but I WANT IT!!!

  3. It'll be a loveless day in Canterlot before I wear around a ponified version of you, Ian...

    I'm going to spitball a few ideas here. See what you think.

    Black shirt with a vector of Chrysalis's eyes on the front, some slogan underneath (join the herd, this day has been just perfect, something like that) and LVPA Bronies on the back.

    Shirt with Rainbow Dash saluting vector on the front, some cool slogan and LVPA Bronies/Brony Group on there somewhere.

    Shirt where on the front is a hand drawn style scoreboard from one of our trivia is magic games. One team could be at 0, another could have their score crossed out and be at -2000 or something. We could have a really basic doodle or two surrounding the board (maybe deadhorse's infamous gala doodle XD). LVPA Bronies on the back.

    ^^^Alternatively, we could use part/all of the trivia is magic scoreboard for the front of our shirts.

    We could design an OC that would serve as our group's mascot.

    Also, we could dip into our immense auction stash and use it to commission a piece from a decent artist. Something a bit more custom/exclusive :)

    I'll reply to this as I come up with more ideas.

  4. Nigel and Betty White kissing. XD

    Hmm maybe a picture of all the plushies together?

  5. I like the Mascot idea a lot.

    I think officers should have a group pic, ponified, and then the mascot (an alicorn) above them with the LVB logo under them. Then on the back, have who's who and bullshit like that.

    For everyone else, the mascot, logo, and maybe something crafty on the back.

  6. I'm liking the whole crysalis one from jesse - uh I'm thinking the mane 6 3 on the left the other 3 on the right with our group name in the middel!