Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bronycon 2012

To any pony it may concern,

Sorry I have fallen off the face of the Earth since I left the valley. I have been working my tail off financing my trek to UND by working in masonry. To top it off, I rarely get time on the internet because my folks don't believe in computers. I will be at Bronycon with Alex our former president. I will be in purple with a cane looking like Dr. House. Alex  will be dressed as Fluttershy. If you are going to Bronycon, tag your name under this post and I will check up on Friday morning before I leave town. I can't wait to see you guys there.


Sam aka Professor Equine


  1. This is Tyler. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a gold sponsor for the event, so I will be at the front. You may also find me hanging around Egophiliac's table at the con or with Mic or Purple Tinker.
    See you there :D

  2. What's a gold sponsor?

    I'll see you there, Sam!

  3. This is Chris. You may notice me wearing a Fluttershy hat and a ton of buttons and badges on my lanyard.

  4. Really late to the post, but I was there. I should have checked here to make sure I saw you all.

  5. I didn't see any of y'all... or maybe I did. But sad that I missed anypony in the was a 2 day whirlwind. Hopefully I can attend a local meetup and I can meet all the lovely bronies in the Lehigh Valley area.

  6. Best weekend I've ever had! Euphoric! Everything was perfect!

  7. I saw some of you guys there, happy to see you :D
    Also, a gold sponsor is somepony who pays a lot of money for a pass to sit in the front row of the convention events. If you can scrape together the money, I'd highly recommend it!